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Acceptable Usage for "Har v'Gai" Regional School


The Har V'Gai Regional School will allow students, teachers, and other employees access to computers, network services, and the Internet.

Students interested in using these services must receive written permission from a parent or guardian.

Being a network user with an entry code is a privilege and not a right. Incorrect or improper network use will lead to the revoking of that privilege and/or to punishment by the school administration.

All student activity, when using the network and Internet in school, must be in support of education and/or research and must be appropriate to the educational objectives of the "Har V'Gai" Regional School. Students who access the Internet from the school site are responsible for everything that takes place on their computers. When students use other networks, organizations, or other sources of hardware; they must work according to the rules appropriate to those resources.

  1. I agree:
  2. That the network is to be used only as an educational tool.
  3. To work according to the rules of ethics accepted on the network.
  4. That I know that e-mail and other resources at the users' disposal in the system are for personal use; but that network administrators, teachers, and school administrators may examine their content.
  5. To follow the instructions of system managers, teachers, other staff, and the school administration while using the system, including requests to stop using it so that someone else may do so.
  6. No more than two people should use the same computer at the same time.
  7. Computer users may print only one draft copy of their current work.
  8. Printing a colored document or file requires permission from the librarian.
  1. I agree that the following actions (which do not necessarily form an inclusive list) will be considered unacceptable use of the Internet, whether it is accessed from school or any other site:
  2. Using language that is impolite, offensive, violent, threatening, racist, sexist or in any other way likely to be considered objectionable in the transmission of both private and public messages.
  3. Accessing the Internet in order to send or retrieve pornographic material, other objectionable material, and/or files that can endanger the integrity of the system.
  4. Presenting information on the Internet that is against the law or using the Internet in any fashion that is illegal. It is especially forbidden to publish copyrighted material without permission.
  5. Sending messages that may cause the recipients to lose data or cause damage to their system.
  6. Harassing other users by sending unwanted e-mail or by any other means.
  7. Sending e-mail letters to very large numbers of addressees without permission from the teacher or person responsible for the system.
  8. Sending chain letters of any kind to individuals or to lists, or using any other means of overloading the net, or disturbing the work of others.
  9. Using the Internet at school for any activity that is not connected to school.
  10. Revealing phone numbers, addresses or other personal details over the Internet without permission from the teacher or network administrator.
  11. Intentionally or unintentionally revealing a user's network entry code to someone else, or using someone else's entry code.
  12. Intentionally disguising my identity when using the Internet (other than in programs that encourage such anonymity).
  13. Bypassing the safety precautions used in the school and in the school computer network.
  14. Attempting to access resources, programs, or data belonging to someone else without permission.
  15. Partaking in vandalism, as defined as: any malicious attempt to change, delete, or destroy data belonging to another user on the network or on the Internet; creating, uploading, and/or knowingly downloading a virus; and changing or deleting network settings and/or definitions without permission from the network administrator.
  16. Entering a chat room without specific permission from the teacher of the network administrator.
  17. Accessing games on the Internet or playing games without specific prior permission from the teacher or the network administrator.

Steps to be taken against violators of this agreement:
If a user violates one or more of these rules, the librarian or teacher in charge, may revoke all rights of access to the network and Internet for as long as the librarian or teacher sees fit. The librarian, or teacher in charge, together with the net work administrator reserve the right to erase the student's name and entry code from the school's list of users. Beyond this, the school has the right to decide what constitutes more serious violations of these rules and what additional or alternative disciplinary actions are appropriate to the violation, including expulsion from school. Certain violations may constitute civil or criminal offences and may have legal consequences.

Student's name: ______________________ Class: ____________________

Student Consent
I have read the agreement on the Acceptable Usage Policy for using the information systems of Har V'Gai Regional School. I understand it well and agree to obey all sections. In addition, I have read and agreed to refrain from all the activities mentioned as improper use of Internet sources of information.

Student Signature: ______________________________________

Date: ___________________

Parental Consent
As a parent/guardian of this student, I have read the above Acceptable Usage Policy for access to the Internet and to Har V'Gai's internal network. I understand that this policy was created for educational purposes. I recognize the fact that the school staff may have difficulty restricting access to all thecontroversial materials on the Internet, and therefore I will not hold them responsible for materials that my child finds as a result of using the Internet through school facilities. I take ful l responsibility for how my child uses the Internet outside school.
I hereby give my consent to the Har V'Gai Regional School to allow my child to use the Internet according to the above terms and restrictions.

Signature of parent/guardian: ________________________________

Har V'Gai Regional School takes no responsibility whatsoever, explicit or implicit, regarding the quality and performance of the system or regarding the services and the information it provides. The school is not responsible for damages caused by use of the system, including loss of data.

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