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Verbs in English
A Powerpoint Presentation & Activities
by Rachel Bar Yosef

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This PowerPoint presentation on the English verb system helps defuse the minefield (why do I have the feeling that's a mixed metaphor?) that separates learners from mastery. As I see it, it is the auxiliary verbs that are the "mines", and they can be easily neutralized by learning and practising five simple formulas.

"Verbs in English" contains an answer-key feature for its practise, review, and test portions.

The focus of these four lessons is on form. I sidestep the question of when to use what tense, since this has been adequately covered in every textbook that I've ever seen, whereas what the verbs and helping verbs should look like in combination is rarely addressed.

Teachers wanting to use the presentation as is should be sure their schools have the means to project each slide to the front of the computer room, and for the teacher to control the timing of the expository portions of the lessons (there are also practise, review, and self-test portions, where you might want your students to go at their own pace). Otherwise, students advance willy-nilly from one slide to the next without really thinking about the material, or they often play with the pen that's on each slide and have a grand time coloring each slide yellow. If you are afraid this could happen in your class, my advice is to print out some or all of the 84 slides as transparencies and work with an OHP.

I hope you enjoy these lessons and find them beneficial. Forward to victory!

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