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Poems about Friendship

I teach a group of talented pupils in Jaffa whose work I'm sure you will like.
Read these poems about friendship written by "Ajyal Yaffa School" 9th graders (and poets) in Jaffa.
Yasmin Ganem

Best Friend

Best friend is there for you
For not being alone anymore
Best friend is there for you
To help you too.

Your best friend don’t forget
Because with her you are the best
Don’t go away
Maybe you need it one day

When you feel blue… she helps you too,
When you need advice… she gives you

Back up your friend
For not leaving you at the end

Write a letter for him…
When you need to tell him that
You are the best friend in the world

By Islam Abu Khalifa

To my sweet ANGEL…

You are the best friend that I need
I think about you day and night
And I know that I am right
You are a special person, I hope that you knew
And your smile in my heart I drew
I see that you are an angel, yes it is true
Therefore, all the suffering and the sadness I threw
Threw to the space
Threw to the unknown
Do you know you face as a moon?
I hope we will meet soon
And I will love you ever and ever
And I will forget you never

By Monaliza K.

My Best Friend…

This word means a lot!…

F for fun and faith
R for respect
I for I love you
E for escaping from the loneliness
N for not telling my secrets to anybody
And last one…
D for dear and special person

To this person I will tell my secrets without any fear
And he will always be sincere with me and clear

He will never betray
Or make me angry

Because he is so understanding
And just…lovely

This person knows me very well
And protects me as I was a pearl and he is the shell

It's nice when you have all these things in one person
First because it's thrifty
And second because it's pretty

This person called best friend
But wait this is not the end…

A friend is much more than what I wrote or mention…
But the problem is that I can't explain what means this relation!

Anyway I hope that I cleared my point
And the one that are listening or reading this enjoyed

Because I spent a lot of time and effort writing these things
But how much can I write and talk…at the end I am human being…

So this is how I end my poem saying:
"True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom
known until it be lost".

By Reem Wakileh


I have a lot of friends,
They mean so much to me.
If something happens,
They always help me,
The same with me
If I know that they need me
I am always there for them
For better or worse
We are always together
We share good news
And bad news
As you know
"A friend in need is
a friend indeed.

By Yusra Samhori

A Poem about Friendship

Friends are the best
If you go east or west,
So try to keep them forever
And don’t lose them ever,
Your secrets try with them to share,
And always show them that you care,
With them you must be nice,
And try to give a good advice.

By Yusra Kubtan


Friend is one who helps you
Friend is one who plays with you
Friend is one who feeds you
But not food; the words of love

Can you recognize a friend?
I can
But to me it is the end
Like when we finish a bottle or a can.

Friend can help you
Friend can make you happy
He can make you sad
But a friend's heart is in your suol.

By Amir Balkhi

My Best Friend

My best friend she's very beautiful
When I'm feeling tearful
In the same time she tries not to be too cheerful
She came and asked
What happened to you?
She listens what happened
And starts feeling very sad
I live to be with you some time more
Because you always said
That's what friends are for!

By Arige Saba


Roses are red
Violets are blue
You are my friend
And I love you

When you were sad
I was there
When I was sad
You were there

It is so important
To have a Friend
He will help you
Till the end

By Duaa Masri

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