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Laurie Ornstein

Throughout the 30 years that I have been teaching, I have enriched my lessons in the classroom with folk music. Being a folksinger as well as a teacher has allowed me to share many songs with my students about different topics we study, such as friendship, travel, civil rights, peace, and more.

My success in incorporating folk music into my English classrooms has led me to travel with my guitar to schools throughout the country. I teach the pupils songs according to a predetermined topic, using song sheets especially prepared for each program. The songs and program content are geared to the level of each class. I work with a few groups/classes together to best utilize the time, and spend a full morning at each school.

Schools can also hold a special English day, in which folksong workshops can be an integral and fun part!

I also facilitate songwriting workshops with pupils. Songwriting is a challenge, but simple songwriting can spur pupils’ creativity. Students are asked to suggest new verses to songs we sing, or to create new lyrics by changing a word or line. This can be developed into more advanced lyric-writing in small classes or groups. Musically talented pupils are encouraged to set their lyrics to original music.

In addition, I facilitate workshops at teachers’ colleges where I work with students studying to become English teachers or teachers enrolled in college in-service courses. Participants in these workshops learn the “how tos” of brightening up their lessons with songs. They learn how to use songs as a means for enriching vocabulary, familiarizing students with English-language culture, practicing grammar, and, of course, having fun!

Contact me to learn more details about bringing my folk music program or workshops to your school!

Contact information:

Phone: 08-6532080, 052-4464377

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