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Our Imagines
Our "Imagines" - 11th graders - Ofek school, Western Galilee.

These verses are the collective result of a homework assignment after hearing John Lennons "Imagine". After listening to the song and undestanding and discussing it, we took a look at the structure of the verses and wrote a sketch on the board of how each verse was built, noting the permanent features. This is what we came up with:

Imagine ______________

It _______________ rhyme A

No ___________________

No __________________ rhyme A

The pupils copied the general structure and each wrote their own verse at home and brought it to class the next day. I then collated it and put it all together into one long song and copied it for the pupils. We read it and even sang it together. the pupils put it up on one fo the boards in their classroom and also printed it in the school newsletter.

Imagine there's no hate
It's hard but it can be
No blood and murders
No I and You, but WE

Imagine there's no evil
It'll probably change the world
No selfishness, then people
no longer will be bad.

Imagine there's no tears,
It would be so nice,
No one would have any fears
and no one should dry their eyes.

Imagine there's peace
It will be so great
No more wounded and killed
and no more blood and death.

Imagine there are no wars
It will be a great world
No guns, no fire,and no crying mothers.
Imagine no car accidents
It will be a better world
No tearsand no crying mothers.

Imagine there's no crime
it can be wonderful
no jails, guns or drugs
and no fear in the streets

Imagine there's no sunshine
it might be very bad
No flowers, no trees,
and no human beings.

Imagine there are no wars;
It may sound impossible to you.
No people killing each other;
and no stupid arguments
that nobody knows
what they are really about.

Imagine there's no hatred
between different people
from different countries.
Believe that there's another way
except the way of strength and blood.
It sounds a wonderful world,
so why don't you give it a chance.

Imagine there' are no people;
It's easy if you try.
No human kind and no "us".
Animals all over, earth and sky
Imagine all the people
leaving from today.

Imagine there are no buildings;
it isn't hard to do.
No man to die for
and no more hunger in the zoo.
Imagine all the people don't survive the war.

Imagine there's no people,
it's very misanthropic.
They do our job for us,
they kill themselves - ironic.
Imagine they will see:
Enemy comes within!

Imagine there are no people
It is hard to comprehend
No children
and no cheerful laughter.

Imagine there's no love
It will be very sad
No hugging and kissing
and no peace - only wars.

Imagine there's no war,
It can give us so much love,
No crying, no tears,
and no parting from each other.

Imagine there's no hardship,
it can unify us all,
No, I didn't say it's easy,
and no, I didn't say it can't be.

Imagine there's no "we" anymore
It seems like "we" got lost
No one said "but"
No one cares what
Imagine there's no "they" anymore
It makes you think you're lost.
No one cares what
and no one said that.

Imagine there's no atomic bomb,
it's never been invented,
no bombs at all, no guns,
And even no gunpowder.

Imagine there's no hate,
It's love which is in control,
No racism, no murders,and
no evil at all.

Imagine there's no death
It's a little hard but try
No funerals to go to
No reason to cry

Imagine there are no parents
it's very easy (sometimes)
No orders to follow at home
And no cross examination
at the end of a hard day at school.

Imagine there's no TV
it's hard even if you try
no TV programs to see
and no songs to hear

Imagine there's no killing
It's very hard to do
No funerals and graves
No sorrow and regret.

Imagine there's no sound,
It's hard, but you can try.
no music is around
And no exciting laugh.
Imagine total silence,
You'll do it if you want.
No tiresome oral science
and no irritant talk.

Imagine there's no violence;
It's hard, but you can try.
No lies, no cruel fights,
and no more children cry.

Imagine all the people
living life in peace,
Imagine there are no wars;
It's easy to imagine
but hard to make it true.
No one belongs to anyone
and no one tells you what to do.

Imagine there's no fear
It's not hard to do
No shedding blood or tears
and the dream will come true.

Copyright 1997 - ETNI
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