The Tel Aviv folk club

Hi, music lovers, this is for you : We're in for another cool evening at the Tel Aviv Folk Club - Wed, Feb. 16th,at 20:30 .

The program is :

  • 8:30 pm Ariela ( or open stage - come all yee musicians )
  • 9:00 pm "The Works" - a new and young duo, singing their own originals .
  • 10:00 pm Moshe Avetick
  • 10:30 a trio : Meri , Saggee and Ohad
    The trio doesn't have a name yet but they're so cool - whether it's covers - country or folk-rock or Saggee's originals - they're great !!

Last but not least :

We will also hold a raffle, the benefits of which will go to help Ray Scudero and Joanna who are struggling so bravely with Ray's illness and the heavy expenses it involves.
Would you please bring with you items - any item you don't need and you think people may enjoy winning . We will set a price per ticket ( or invite you to decide for yourself in case you want to donate more ) . Ray has contributed to our Folk Club and to our musical world so much for so many years with his talent and delightful songs - We'd like to do something for them in return .
I thank you all on their behalf - Ariela.

Our "co'ordinates" are:

The Tel Aviv Folk Club takes place at Bikurei Ha'Itim Building,
on 6 Heftman St. , Tel Aviv .
Starting at 8:30 pm
Admission - 30 Shekels only
Tel. for info : Ariela 03 - 6837441 ( till 7:15 pm )

Be there or be else where but we are defenitely better than elsewhere !

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