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Dear Teachers,

As professionals, you know the value of a strong command of written and spoken English in our ever-shrinking global village. The challenge is to instill a genuine fondness for the language and to make it fun and easy to learn.

The Jerusalem Post Youth Magazines are painstakingly designed to make the study of the English language enjoyable for Israeli youth through compelling texts, graphics and accompanying exercises. We aim to make reading and writing English attractive through youth-friendly topics, including sports, music, movies, computer and Internet news, current events, readers' submissions, puzzles, games, comics and jokes. In each magazine there are numerous exercises that reinforce learning, as well as a glossary in which the more difficult words are translated into Hebrew and Arabic.

Teachers' Guide
Teachers will also receive a Teachers' Guide created specifically for each magazine. The guide will provide ideas for additional classroom activities and exercises, to enable teachers to take full advantage of the material presented in the magazines.

The 24-page, glossy magazines are available at three levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced. The beginner level magazine is further subdivided according to levels of proficiency in English, with articles and puzzles labelled "very easy," "easy" and "a little harder."

JPOST SNAP - for elementary school students in the state religious sector
JPOST CLICK - for elementary school students
JPOST ZONE - for junior high school students
JPOST STREET - for high school students

Schools that subscribe as groups (30 or more subscriptions) receive a free subscription to The Jerusalem Post daily newspaper for the period covering their subscription. Order now and take advantage of our very attractive offers.

Contact info:
Mali Weiss, Manager of School Subscriptions
Tel: 03-7619000 ext: 163
Fax: 03-5214985

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