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UNICEF Projects

Special thanks to the Israel UNICEF EDEV Committee, Esther Lucas, Adele Raemer and Frank (Efraim) Perlmutter for their contributions to creating this page.

The Israel Committee for UNICEF now has a Web Site:

EDEV--Education for Development Projects for EFL
Information from the Israel UNICEF Committee on how to involve students in projects that lead to a student diploma

Powerpoint Presentation on UNICEF Projects, submitted by Adele Raemer

UNICEF Voices of Youth Project. This page contains a description and link to a listing of UNICEF sites that promote exploration of rights areas. See below.
Submitted by Adele Raemer and Frank (Efraim) Perlmutter.

Downloadable Children's Rights Worksheets

UNICEF Voices of Youth links
This page contains the list of links for each of the "rights" areas according to worksheets below. (Each "rights" area contains several worksheets by number, with links also listed in the worksheet.)

Instructions and assessment tool page for group work on UNICEF

Rights Projects Worksheets

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