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by Laurie Ornstein - laurie(at)etni(dot)org

  1. Getting Started
    You are about to create your own magazine. You are the editor-in-chief, a journalist, graphic artist and more. Look through some magazines of your choice in English and/or Hebrew. Get some ideas for a magazine format. Then choose a topic for your own magazine.

  2. Required Items

    1. Title and aesthetically designed cover page with relevant information. Include the title, your names and date. (5 points)

    2. Table of Contents and numbered pages (5 points)

    3. Editorial - Write an interesting and organized editorial. Express your opinion on a topic related to your magazine. Don't forget to divide your writing into paragraphs. Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence. (10 points)

    4. Letter to the Editor - Pretend you are a reader. Write a short to the editor about a subject related to the magazine. Don't forget paragraphing! (5 points)

    5. A factual, researched article related to your magazine topic - Research your article well. Use more than 1 source of information. Write an interesting and organized article. Choose an appropriate title for your article. Don't forget paragraphing! Do NOT copy and paste! That is called plagiarizing. (10 points)

    6. An interview - Conduct an interview with someone on a topic related to your magazine. You may interview an expert on your magazine topic. Your interview can be conducted face-to-face, by telephone or online. Indicate how the interview took place. Be sure to include the full name of the interviewee as well as the date of the interview. (15 points)

    7. A piece of creative writing - Write a short story, poem or song. If you write a song, be sure to include both the lyrics and music. Your creative writing must be connected to your magazine topic. (15 points)

    8. An advertisement - Design a topic-related advertisement. (5 points)

    9. Illustrations - Illustrate your magazine with topic-related pictures, photos and graphics. (5 points)

    10. Reflections and assessment - Be specific! Write what you liked/disliked about this project. Write what you learned when doing this project. Relate to the project process and not only to facts you learned through researching your topic.
      Write what you would like to do to improve your English (taking into consideration your experience from this project) Include your assessment (Grade yourself!) (10 points)

    11. Bibliography - You should have at least 4 different sources of information. (NOT all Internet!) Follow these bibliography guidelines:
      Name of book, magazine, article, Internet site
      Date of publication, page number/s
      Internet address (URL)
      (5 points)

  3. Written Project Presentation
    Your project must be typed and presented in a folder or binder. NO plastic page covers, please! Each item will be assessed on the quality of the content, quality of the writing (grammar, spelling, expression) and the effort made in your project work.

  4. Oral Presentation - You will present your magazine to the class. You will give a short talk and "sell" your magazine to your classmates. Be prepared! Make a poster to "advertise" your magazine.
    (10 points)

    We will have at least 1 project conference to discuss your work. Enjoy your magazine project!

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