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Students Write

Eleanor Alper -  Shazar High School  Bat Yam
As an assignment while reading A Summer's Reading,
I had my 11th grade- 5 point class write about respect.
Here are some excerpts from their work:

Laura Scheller
Respect, such a big word, but what does it mean? Is it just a
concept or does it really exist? From my short experience,
respect is part of different kinds of relations that exist
between people. I believe that to respect someone is to accept
the other person's opinions and be polite and decent towards
what he thinks and believes in. Respect is a give and take
sense. It's very hard for someone to give respect if he is not
getting any from his surroundings and this is one of the reasons
that some people just can't respect others, and accept that
there are some people who act and think in a different way.

Tali Peri
Respect is the basis of good relations between people.

Ella Layani
This is a value we all need in this world.We should start going
by this value, not only in big issues like peace talks or in
world problems, but we should start from small but important
issues like learning to respect each other on the roads, in
school and generally in society.

Oran Leshtchiski
Respect is the most basic thing people should give to one
another. Everyone wants to be respected.Only when a man gives
respect, will he get respect in return. People shouldn't look at
people and classify them by race, color, gender or way of life.
They should treat everyone equal.

Decla Marco
What is respect? Respect to me is simply giving to others the
same chances as we give to ourselves, the right to speak and be
heard.Respect should be mutual between people. People should be
taught to give respect to others and respect themselves.

Inbar Bejerano
Respect is the most important thing in any relationship. If we
don't respect others and think we are better than they are,we
will reach our end very soon.

Linor Stainberg
Respect- the feeling of honour, high opinion or regard
Respect is something you gain through time. You can't buy it.
Respect is a concept that is different in the eyes of different
people, cultures, social groups and different status.
For example in the business world you must be successful in
order to gain respect.In the old days people would die for
respect.Respect in my eyes is valuable yet not something to die
for. I respect people who are honest to themselves, stand up for
their opinions and have a sense of right and wrong. I do not
respect people for their status,or their money. I respect a
person for what they are as a person which is much more
important than their background.

Michal Kalo
Respect is not about liking people, it is about treating each
person as you want to be treated.

Sharon Birnbaum
Respect is when someone is treated with consideration or high
regard.There should be understanding between two or more people
to maintain a relationship of respect.

Maayan Wayn
Respect is the feeling of honor, high opinion or regard. But the
word respect has deeper meanings than that.I'm talking about
respect to parents, which is one of the Ten Commandments.
..Another kind of respect is expected towards elders, their
wisdom, experience of life and their age and physical
I can also think about respect towards scholars and intellectual
people and in my case towards my teachers. This respect has to
be mutual, of course.
The most important kind of respect is essential in regards to
others views, opinions, religions, races and cultures. Thus,
from all of the above, it is clear that respect is one of the
fundaments of our life as human beings in a social company, and
without it there is no existence for human society.

Copyright 1997 - ETNI
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