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Using POWER POINT to Write and Present Book Reports

by Barzliai Zohara
Barzliai Zohara
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Samples from Student Book Reports in Powerpoint

The following samples are in powerpoint format. You will not be able to view them directly on the web, but can download them for viewing on your computer if you have Powerpoint installed


Our aim is to encourage pupils to carefully read texts, summarize the main ideas, and learn how to prepare a Power Point Presentation.

While teaching the basic techniques of Power Point, we guide pupils how to choose specific topics (author, main idea, different ending, conflict, message etc), and how to present them in an attractive way.

The traditional bookreport, in the computerized environment, is easier, nicer and more attractive to produce. It's also a fantastic way to recommend a book, and everyone gets to see and read the books and it's not just between the pupil and his teacher.

How does it work - for 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th graders.

  1. After reading a book all the pupils bring their books to the computer lab after they have prepared something at home (or at least thought of something).
  2. The pupils go into Power Point and click on Outline View. They concentrate on the main ideas they wish to stress and only when they are done with the text they can add pictures sounds, effects etc..
  3. Slide 1 - Name of book and Author and Prepared by …

  4. Slide 2 - The main characters in the book are :
    Slide 3-5 - The book is about… (summary in short).
    Slide 6-7 - The main idea of the book is….
    Slide 8 - A different ending :…
    Slide 9 - A little bit about the Author…

    (Slides 6-9 are optional, you can choose what you wish to focus on) - Good Luck- Zohara

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