Tips, ways to learn English for beginners and advanced

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that learning English is not a very easy task to perform. In current times, the demand for English language learning and its courses has increased on a massive level. It is a rather known fact that learning a language requires the leaner to first attempt at listening the relative sentences. The process starts off with listening and then people move on to speaking and finally writing. The four basic skills which add on to the language learning pattern of a person include speaking, writing, listening and reading. This helps a person in further development of the basic communication skills.

The fact which most people tend to have trouble with is having enough exposure to the language. Experts have divided these four communication or language skills into two parts, one being the receptive input which includes reading and learning, while on the other hand there is the productive part which consists of writing and speaking. Receptive components of language are linked with the exposure one has towards the respective language while the productive components of language include the process whereby the language is produced with the help of learning a second language.

In order to learn English on the level of beginners as well as advanced learners it is important to surround oneself with this language as much as possible. Try to make English language an integral part of your life, be it at work, home or any other place. If you expose yourself to English language on a massive level, it will help you to understand the various aspects of the language even better. You will have a better approach towards learning the language. There is no doubt about the fact that the more a person practices a certain thing, the better chance he/she has at improving skills in that area.

In order to learn English language there are certain things and ways which will help you both at beginner and advanced levels. This article will lay them out for you in detail. The following are stated below:


Listening is an integral part of the process where a new language is learned, and so it plays a very important role in developing your language skills. If a person carries out the process of listening in an effective manner, it adds on to level of understanding. If you want to make efforts for the improvement of accuracy in speaking, listening plays the role of its foundation. A person will only be able to improve his/her listening skills by paying sufficient attention to what anyone is saying. A great way to achieve this could be by listening to music and try to understand the respective lyrics of the song. It does not matter whether the song belongs to older times or the modern era, your focus should be on the language which is English. Another way to improve the listening skills is by watching English movies online or on television. While watching movies make sure to look at the subtitles in order to relate the spoken words with its written forms.


It is normally believed, that the process whereby one tries to improve his/her speaking skills is more difficult as compared to the rest of the four speaking skills. In English, the case is same. If you try to speak at least some English every day, this will help you to work on your language skills even more. There have been a lot of technological advancements been made in the modern era with regard to the social media platforms, it has led to fun ways of learning English language on all levels. Another major thing which leaves a great impact on your speaking skills, is the practice of speaking and then recording whatever you say. Although, people find this step to be rather funny but they have reported how this step has helped them in improving their English speaking skills. Repeat the sentences as much as you can.


Reading refers to that process in which your brain does all the work in the development of meaning to various words from the respective language. You brain requires a certain period of time in order to gather complete control over the language, in an attempt to read. Reading slowly helps you in developing the meanings to different phrases, sentences and words from the English language. It is only through reading that a person is able to understand the grammatical structure of English language. If in the process, you tend to develop such reading skills which are strong then it is a clear sign that you are half way through learning English language.


Although, it is true that writing ends up being a bit intimidating for many people but all it demands form the learner is a little bit discipline and major willingness to work. English language, demands the same thing form its learners. In order for you to gain access to the end levels of learning English language you need to read various phrases, locate them in multiple pieces of writing and then try to practically give shape to your writing skills. One good way to achieve this would be to make a diary in which you can write down words or sentences from English language in order to have an even better understanding. You can go online and go through English blogs and see for yourself how the sentences have been formed and structured. Many people make use of blog writing as a way to expose their individual ideas to the general public.

Learning any language demands great focus and willingness. It is only then that you will be able to understand the people and culture. All the above stated tips can play a major role in helping you learn English language form the perspectives of both a beginner and an advanced learner.